Different prices may apply. Please email to receive pricing and registration information as appropriate for each respective venue

Special Promotion:

JCC David Posnack, Cooper City Florida: We are currently offering a special Promotion (a 50% discount!!!) for Baby Grand Orchestra concerts at JCC David Posnack events on Wednesdays at 9:30 am AND Friday at 10:30 AM.

Birthday Parties:

Have your baby be the Maestro/Conductor at his or own Birthday Orchestra!

Packages depend on travel costs/time, number of children attending, and how many musicians you want in the "orchestra". You can have just a singer with backgroud tracks or up to a whole band of live musicians there. All prices include all children's instruments and props.

-full-orchestra background tracks
-all baby instruments/props
-dynamic interactive musical activities

-learning sign lanugage

-fun, new mysteries, songs, and surpises each class

-educational musical fun
-dancing, movement, and rhtymic activities

-enough repetition so that moms and babies can gain familiarity, learn, and participate together while creating an atmosphere of community and friendship.

-the lovely and talented Laura providing energetic leadership and spirit!

We look forward to seeing and singing with you there!!!